Friday, 24 April 2009

Bishi & Giles Pearson

Flash company....been the ruin of me

Singer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Bishi has been described as the doyenne of hybrid music She has studied Sitar at the Ravi Shankar school and was well know as the face of notrious cult nightclub 'Kash Point.'
Her debut album 'Nights at the Circus,' was nominated for a South Bank Award and culminated in a collaboration with The London Symphony Orchestra.
She has been featured on 'Tonight with Jonathan Ross,' and recently composed music for 1923 Silent Classic, 'Salome.'

Essex boy Giles Pearson is a womenswear designer and stylist for the music industry. Most recently working on tour costume for Beth Ditto and Roisin Murphy, Giles also works with vintage wallpaper and pornography to produce stitched male nudes. "I really enjoyed working with Bishi on our hanky panky poo! I felt really inspired by Bishi's cover of Flash Company and the art work from the EP but wanted to work towards something with a more vintage worn out feel, hence the fabric choice and dyeing of the hanky with red wine, cigarettes and tea"

This hanky in collaboration with Giles Pearson was based on the artwork for the single 'On My Own Again,' on which 'Flash Company,' was a B-Side.

Rotating the main image of bishi's head from the single,it resembles an occult style symbol. It is the relationship between the pagan to the pop image and back that has charactarised much of Bishi's work.