Saturday, 18 April 2009

Mike Berners-Winters

Title: ‘One thing. Anything. Two things. Many things.’

(A playground chant recorded in Bethnal Green in 1972 by Mike Talbot.)

Mike Berners-Winters loves folk: ordinary, decent, honest, hard-working, god-fearing folk. Since retiring from the Royal Navy twenty-five years ago, he and his brother Bernard Berners-Winters have traversed each and every highway and byway of the island of Ireland, from Dublin to Galway and Malin to Mizen, exhibiting the enormous wicker dog on wheels they have christened ‘Sorebutts’. And great has been the innocent merriment generated among the ordinary, decent, honest, hard-working, god-fearing folk of the island of Ireland by the sight thereof! Mike Berners-Winters considers himself thoroughly provincial: all art is his province, and ‘Sorebutts’ is his guide.